Friday, August 15, 2008

Nobody summons Megatron!


I painted this Megatron as a bit of a companion piece to the Optimus Prime I did a few months back.

My challenge was to keep a somewhat similar feel to the Prime painting (a landscape of wrecked robots at sunset) while still making them feel different in terms of character. With the Prime one, I tried to give it a bit of a solemn vibe. Here, I wanted it to feel like Megatron just survived a hellish battle but would gladly do it again.

I’ve really been enjoying doing these Transformers pieces. I love to paint dirty, beaten up textures and these characters lend themselves to that quite nicely. I’m thinking of doing a Soundwave painting next ( because he rules), but if anyone’s got requests hit me up.

Below are some really rough thumbnail ideas I did for this image, if you’d like to check them out.

See you next time! -Livio


Richard said...

wow rad Livio never saw this one....see, even working with these guys they constantly surprise me.

ricH( yes that ricH)


Brandon O'Donnell said...

That turned out really well. Makes me want to attempt something like it. I'll definitely throw in my vote for a Soundwave painting.

Super Edco said...

All Hail Megatron.


albert said...

Badass, Livio. that Bumblebee's head? Why's Bumblebee always getting himself fucked up?

Nestor said...

Love the carnage. I say if you have time go with Hot Rod and Kup since those were my fav from the Animated Movie if you can. Soundwave with his boys of course is a good idea.

dosx said...

wow, i love gelatometti's arts.
i'm american comics fan from indonesia, i just remember that jim lee's arts can be seen here, are there?
thanks, once again, gelatometti is great!

The Dude said...

oh man that is well wicked!!

danielpicci said...

nice one livio!
brings back alot of memories....if only the movie had the deth and characterization this one piece has!


Eric said...

Dude! Soundwave! Knock it out, I'll be waiting to see it :)