Tuesday, August 05, 2008

First Comic-Con


This was my first San Diego Comic-Con where I attended in a (semi) professional capacity. It was a truly exciting time for me, and it was a genuine pleasure to meet all the great people who I got to speak to in Artist's Alley over the course of the show. I had no idea what to expect, and I had a blast at the show!

The one panel I got to slip away and see was for the Watchmen movie. Now I know nobody actually watches the illegal leaked footage that seeps onto YouTube (cough), so let me just tell you that it looked amazing and I can't wait for the movie.

I also got to meet several artists I've long admired for the first time, including Joe Quesada, John Cassaday and Marc Silvestri. I also picked up the amazingly impressive J. Scott Campbell sketchbooks, which really are worth every penny.

One of my favorite random moments involves eating breakfast one morning at a hotel cafe a block away from the con. I happened to notice Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (the creators of Lost) sitting at a table nearby. I couldn't resist telling them how much I enjoy the show. I also told them that I knew their time was valuable, and I would be out of their hair as soon as they revealed exactly what the smoke monster was. They declined, telling me it was too complicated to explain, but I left anyway. They'll pay.

But more than anything, it was just great to meet some readers of this blog! Thanks to all you guys who stopped by, and hope to meet more of you at a show in the near future!



albert said...

Sorry I had to miss it this year, Livio, but it sounds like everyone had an amazing time!

I can hear your mind being blown every time you witness Rorschach. Especially with the "...and I whisper 'No'"

Anonymous said...

So happy to see you behind that table man! So sad I didn't get to hang with you more! Se la vie...

Will this be the official new Ramondelli blog-place?

Keep on keeping on, ya!