Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ivan Reis Wildstorm Revelations Cover

(entry ricH)

I wanted to post this up for anyone interested. I did a few covers with Ivan Reis earlier this year. It was a small run on the Wildstorm Revelations series. I've admired Ivan's artwork for easily the last 3 or 4 years if not longer. It was one of those things where I never really thought I would ink anything from him because I'd never met him, he seemed to always get great looking inks, and I just got the feeling that job was locked down as many are when it comes to penciler/ inker teams.

They asked if I'd like to do some work with him and I jumped at the chance.

This piece is on e bay for anyone interested in collecting original comic art please check it out. LINK

Ends this THURSDAY at about 7:20 PM west coast time.




seban said...

Love it!

Edwin Rosell said...

When I see cool stuff I'm just compelled to curse....Beautiful f*cking inks man. See? Like Tourette's Syndrome or something.

Brandon O'Donnell said...

Really nice work.

Skull_Leader said...

Hey Rich, I've liked Ivan's work for a while too. A lot of his DCU stuff (that I've seen) has reminded me of Neal Adams' work at his peak, but with more modern, polished edge and better lighting.

Your inks look fantastic! You did a great job of putting in the rendering lines without converting the art to looking like the classic homage studios style.

Thanks for sharing man.


Richard said...

Hey thanks guys really sorry it took so long to reply. I couldn't remember my password for gmail and I couldn't log on to post.

I agree I see a lot of Neal Adams in Ivans work.....These were fairly simple in terms of detail for Ivan (somewhat) I was sorta hoping I was going to get super crazy Ivan where it's like detail wall to wall.

a guy can dream can't he?