Monday, March 09, 2009

Silky Smooth


Hey guys, 'Watchmen' is finally here! I was lucky enough to watch an early screening with the rest of Wildstorm crew and all in all I think it was a very enjoyable and respectable adaptation. I can go on and on and nitpick little things here and there but overall I enjoyed it and it was what I expected it to be. I'll definately be checking it out in IMAX this weekend.

Anyhoo, if you remember, I posted an 'Ozymandias' that I did along with Trevor Scott a few weeks ago as part of a little pet project I've been working on, on the side. Here is 'Silk Spectre 2', smoothly and beautifully inked by my studiomate and friend, the amazing Sandra Hope.

I think I'll tackle 'Rorschach' next with inks by...Scott Williams maybe?...hmmmm, I think that would come out very nicely indeed. Welp, untill next time, hope you like ;)


MERBITT said...

Hi Oliver! It's great, I love this character.
I did a color sample that I'd like show you for critics, if it's posible:


Tom said...

Man, this piece is amazing! I love the subtle pose--simple, elegant-yet strong. Forceful. You've come a long way, Oliver. Your stuff has always been great, and you continue to get better! Keep it up! I look forward to seeing more posts!

Gelatomettista said...

Hey Merbitt and Tom, thnx so much for the nice words, I really appreciate it!

meek? said...

Hot as expected!!

That's the best I've seen her in her original comic book costume.

Great meeting you @ NYCC, Oliver! Your sketchbook, along w/ J. Scott Campbell's "Tall," were my faves and the best purchases I made from NY. Everyone should totally hit you up for yours. Can't wait for the MMORPG to get done so you can draw DC books!