Thursday, March 26, 2009



Hey everyone, here's a recent commission I did of 'Nemesis' from Wildcats. I luv the Coda characters because they all have great costumes and I just luv to draw strong women. I kept the figure and composition simple and to the point. I also wanted to put her back on her homeworld, to change up the background a bit and it let me be able to put the planets in the background to help guide yer eye.

As I usually do when I'm inking my own work, I keep the pencils pretty light, since I do the majority of the work in ink and don't like wasting time drawing tight, then pretty much redrawing again in ink. As for my thunbnails, they're just 30 second sketches to help me with the feel and I blow them up, lightbox the silouette just to get that energy u get from quick gesture sketches.

Anyhoo, hope u like and untill next time....


Kilian Stark said...


Just wanted to let you know that I'm a great Jim Lee fan as well as Wildstorm.

I also wanted to let you know that I gotta be cursed or something 'cause I've been visiting the Barcelona International Comic Convention every year except for the last two since now I'm living in Argentina and got married there.

I've learned that Jim will be there this year , and damn, I'm not gonna be there on time. The only time he's comming to Barcelona and I'll be not there. I'd give anything to have him draw or sketch a Flash Gordon, Jon Snow (from A Song of Ice & Fire) or a Capitan Trueno (a really famous Spanish comic hero) or whatever he could draw for me.

Damn again, since we are planning with my wife to go back to Spain but it's not gonna be before the convention takes place.

Anyway, Shit happens!!

KUDOS to all Wildstorm and Jim Lee. Keep up the excellent work.


Luke said...

WOW! great work!

Ash Collins said...

wow. that bottom image is an incredibly strong and well drawn pose. but the inked version is a little flat. i think all the detail spoils the clarity of the form a little?

Anonymous said...

I love all of the process stuff you guys are posting here. This is just as satisfying to read as the post Jim did the other day on his Rogue drawing.

I linked this up on my blog, in case you're interested. The gist of the post is that I think artists of all stripes should always be searching out articles on the process by people working in the field they're interested in.

Thanks again.