Monday, March 30, 2009

JLA sketch cards


I recently have been working on some licensing stuff for DC; JLA sketchcards to be exact. It's a lot of fun! I started out by lightboxing images, but found it great practice to just freehand as I went....I'm learning a lot, and I really get a kick out of busting out the 'ol prismacolor markers. I do sets of ten per image just to keep it going fast but they all end up looking different in the end the repetition helps memorize forms and fast techniques



arnie said...

oh you went old school. i see some super friends up in there. well actually they were JLA, but some of those images take me back to SF. nice work.

peace out

Gelatomettista said...

thanks Arnie...yea it's been fun, mixing it up

meek? said...

Fun project! Great images and colors, sir. I hope the Halle Berry Vixen gets the card treatment, too! Glad to see Black Lightning made the cut!


Gelatomettista said...

Hey Meek
thanks man...yea its been fun working on these