Monday, March 23, 2009

Joker Time


I always wondered what the Joker would be like in contemplative moments...maybe swimming in ideas for his latest scheme. I feel the character is always more complex and multi-layered than how he can often be portrayed. I also feel there can be more than one 'look' for this super bad-ass character...I wanted to sketch a 'portrait' of the man you would believe to beat Batman.



Ash Collins said...

an excellent piece, this is a much better joker than that heath ledger nonsense.

Anonymous said...

did you draw this when you were 12? if so it's dope...

Gelatomettista said...

Hey thanks ash...altho, I didn't mind the Heath Ledger version either!

heh, gotta love the courage of an anonymous comment!


Sedat Oezgen said...

Hey Joel,
I really like this piece, especially because you didnt make the Joker laugh or give him his crazy smile. The way you drew him makes him look kind of dangerous in a way he isnt being too often portraied. I like that.
To be honest, Ilove the Heath Ledger (which actually was a Lee Bermejo "Joker - look").From what Ive seen so far it was the best fitting look.
However great piece.
Regards from Germany,

Gelatomettista said...

Hey Sedat!
Hope your doing well...glad to see you post!Glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday sketches!

Francis Manapul said...

hey looking good joel!

Sedat Oezgen said...

thanks man:) ...what Birthday sketches?

Gelatomettista said...

Thanks francis!
Hey Sedat
tried posting on your blog...don't know if it worked..don't understand german...really cool stuff! Sorry for the mixup...I met another individual with the same name from Germany who requested apologies!

SedatOezgen said...

Hey Joel,
no problem:) thx for the nice words on the art:)

meek? said...

Great stuff, Joel!

The eyes lookin' through the low-end o' the brows really nails your intent.


Gelatomettista said...

Thanks, Meek
Yea I wanna try a couple more studies with Joker this's interesting to try and convey different behavior and or attitudes

CrackerJacker said...

I'm looking at it and all I can hear is "And welcome, to Gourmet Cooking with Vincent Price. Tonight.....".

Shape of the frown I think. Nice.

MARY said...

I lOVE JOKER TOO!!!I think is the character of Batman who I most drawing je je ;) but your Joker is better.
Saludos y perdón, esto es un pelín lioso!