Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rogue X-Men pencil layout


Here's a blast from the past. Rogue from the X-Men circa issue 269 when she's trapped in the Savage Land. A very short scene but you wouldn't believe how many fans hold it near and dear to their hearts. Here, I'm trying to apply my since evolved style and do another take on the fan favorite character.



Tom said...

Awesome! Man, those stories were great. I actually reference one of the XMEN Savage Land issues you drew quite a bit. Great stuff. Even your sketches are amazing!

Jason Johnson said...

I don't know if u know, Jim, but your run on Uncanny not only turned me into a comic fan...but your art inspired me to work for ya! Thanks for that opportunity, man!

Catie said...

I'd be one of those fans. :) Thanks for posting this!

Optimal Optimus said...

I remember it well.

When it came out... I was in high school.

When I was in college I had a Japanese Translation project and translated those Issues.

Heh! Thanks for posting.

-Optimal OPtimus

Anonymous said...

I really loved your run on X-men. The art really took the book to the next level.
So, can I have this picture when your done? :D LOL

Adrian Ben said...

The first Uncanny X-men I bought had the "Savage Land Rogue" on the cover!...oh boy..this brings back some memories!

gil said...

I Falled in love with Rogue (Malicia in french)when you drawed her in the arms of Magneto !

meek? said...

I LO'E Rogue in the Savage Land era. ¦D One of my very first Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men issues was Rogue's return where she battled the pseudo-Ms. Marvel. The cover alone sold me.

Oh noes... why, Jim, why?? first I got sucked into buying DC Direct Action Figures up to now just because of the Batman Hush line... then I got sucked into Blogger 'cause of Gelatometti... then I registered for the all-new JimLee.net message board... I *KNOW* I'm gonna get sucked into DCUO when it's released... and now I'm gonna have to start a Deviant Art page.

Jim Lee art is a gateway drug.

I'll need an intervention if I end up signin' up for Twitter. That's ultimate stalker mode. XD