Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Power Cosmic


After I did this painting, I was asked to do another Galactus and Silver Surfer as a commission. The difference this time was that this painting isn't digital, it's acrylic on canvas board.

Having just finished a previous painting of both characters, I wanted to do do something different with them to keep my interest. So I opted for more of a classic "heroic" shot of the two, to contrast it against the moody painting I just did before ( especially since I had the Surfer pretty much regretting his existence in the last one). I played around with Galactus' helmet a bit, making it a bit sharper and more alien. I also wanted to get more of the characters' classic purple and blue colors in, and be less muted by their surroundings.

Before I mailed off the actual painting, I scanned it in and played around with it in Painter. Mainly just adding a little bit of glow effects to the energy blasts.

See you guys next time!



The Dude said...

That is absolutely amazing.. the colours, the light, the play between it all.. Truly a one-of-a-kind rendition of Galactus and the Surfer.
Possibly even a shade better than the last one. That was a darker toned image and this one puts the surfer on the move but the light around him makes it seem brighter more hopeful.
Great work man, truly.
Cheers and a Happy New Year to all the fantastically talented folks who post on this blog.

Livio said...

Hey "Dude",
Thanks a lot for the compliments! I definitely wanted this painting to be a bit brighter than the previous one ( both in terms of colors and mood) and I'm glad you liked the results!

Amrinder Singh Nagi said...

this is really beautiful work.could be a poster for silver surfer movie.absolutly great.

Z said...


Anonymous said...

One of the best pieces I have seen you post so far. Not saying the other pics didn't kick butt or anything. How long does it take you to do this kind of commission?

Livio said...

Hey JoeyV,
Thanks! This one probably took maybe ten hours spread out over three nights here and there? I can't remember the exact amount of time but it's along those lines. Glad you liked it!

Jason Johnson said...

Pretty wicked, man! :)

meek? said...



Livio said...

Hey Jason,
Thanks, man! Always good to hear from ya!

Richard Oh said...

Nice. That Silver Surfer looks exactly how I would picture him to be, and the stars totally add to the effect.

Livio said...

Thanks, Rich! The Surfer was never a character I was drawn to when I was younger, but I've since grown to really like him.