Thursday, January 22, 2009



Hey all, just wanted to post my latest piece, which I plan to have available at the New York Comic Con. I had a lot of fun with this one, using an old art school technique of wet on wet watercolor wash adding salt to absorb up the the value, I wanted to create a weird etheral texture for the background.

I decided to have a few really nice pre-done pieces to take with me for the show and plan to post most of them before I leave, next up....Supergirl!



meek? said...

Nice effect! It's like an ocean ripple... but hotter 'cause it's done by hand. I think it'll be much more appreciated when viewed in-person.

The bunny's awesome! :D


Gelatomettista said...

Hey Meek, thanks for the kind words! you planning to attended the NY con? If so hope to see you there.

meek? said...

Fa sho and yessurr! I'll see you there, Joel! Have a safe flight.