Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Miss America


What's up everyone? Hope everybody had a good holiday. During the break I had an opportunity to finish a couple commissions and this was one of 'em, Stargirl from the JSA.

I like drawing her, it's like drawing a female Captain America. I don't know a whole lot about her but It's nice drawing unfamiliar characters, because it gives me a chance to catch up with what's going down with today's comic scene.

Until next time, Mike.


Jason Johnson said...

Awww yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about. My eyes are happy. :)

Anonymous said...

I never thought about her as a female Captain America, but it's a very apt description.

Great piece!

Anonymous said...

Nice work as usual. Love the work around the shoulders and back. Very nice indeed. Great grasp of ...ah...anatomy. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments dudes,MIKE

meek? said...

You are the master of toned paper! Canson should hit you up to promote their product! :D

I don't know much 'bout Stargirl either. I do know she's modeled after or based on Geoff Johns' deceased sister, though.