Monday, January 26, 2009

Warblade '94


Hey ya'lls, I just recently took a little vacation and went back home to Austin, Texas for a few days. While visiting my parents, I went through my old stuff and came across this 'Warblade' that I did in the 9th grade back in 94', during the Image Comics heydays.

I was mixing my 'Jim Lee' style with some 'Stephen Platt' and this is the result...I'm still fond of it 'cause I remember how long it took me and how proud I was of it. Anyhoo, I'm gonna start another 'Warblade' piece and hopefully have it up to show in the next few weeks to see how I've progressed over the years.

Untill then, hope you like.


Brandon O'Donnell said...

Not too bad for 9th grade, not too bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Way too damn good for 9th grade! I was that good in in senior year! I hate you Oliver! Now I feel like a loser! Lol.

meek? said...

Damn!! 9th grade?? Skillz.


Gelatomettista said...

thnx do you think I survived highschool? I drew on everyones book covers, including the thugs who kept me protected;)

meek? said...

^lol! Art as a survival technique. Great stuff and I can most def relate. ¦D