Friday, January 23, 2009

Iron Inks


Hello everyone, hope everyone is looking forward for the weekend! I'm counting the days for the New York Comic Con myself. I've never been to New York, so I am really excited and looking forward to it. And not just for the delicious pizza everyone here keeps talking about. :)

I wanted to share this piece with y'allz because it came out totally bada$$!!! I did this piece sometime last year, I think it was right after the movie, and someone bought it a month or two ago. When I heard that the buyer was going to get Tim Townsend to ink it I was super stoked. I have always been a fan of Mr. Townsend and when i saw the final piece I was totally speechless, it just blew my mind. Tim did an incredible job and I have to say it was an honor.

Hope the buyer digs it as much as I did.

Peace Out


Anonymous said...

I was just checking this out on Tim's deviantART page. You guy's should get your own page! Like half of the Top Cow group has one.

AGK! said...

Oh YES! I am very happy with how this beauty came out. You both did an amazing job! Thanks again Eddie!

meek? said...

Whew! That's so fresh. The hatching on the villain's legs came out really great! Iunno why I'm fixated on it, but I wish he kept the shadows on Iron Man's circular chest thing, though.


JonasD said...

He really nailed that one!
It's a blast!

Joshua said...

Hi Eddie awesome pic, dude I've got a pic you did for me of Conan. If you like I can email it or send a link of it if you like.



Joshua said...

Hi there, here's the link to the Conan pic you did.