Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Black, White & Red All Over


Hey all, just wanted to post my latest attempt with the inks and washes...this here's a Deathblow piece I was workin' on for a couple of days.

I had been checking out some Dean Cornwell black and white painting studies (or maybe they were just black & white photos of his paintings) and noticed how he would use positive and negative space to move the eye and I wanted to try my hand at it.

Mr. J.J. Kirby was kind enough to bring his color magic to add the seasoning!



Anonymous said...

Joel...nice pic man. This is awesome and it's one of my fave characters too. Great job.

Cray said...


Second Wildstorm character you've posted. Very much appreciate the WSU love, especially Deathblow.

I think it turned out rather nice for such experimental piece. I'm not familiar with Dean Cornwell's work, the name rings a bell. I suppose if I saw his work I might be able to identify him. I guess I have some research to do.

Thanks again Joel, and keep the WSU love going.

Gelatomettista said...

Thanks Joey & Cray...I really enjoyed working on them...I have a couple more Wildstorm characters That I'd like to have a go at...will post soon!

meek? said...

This must be the piece! :D It looks amazing!

Deathblow is really cool, but I must say that I'm absolutely drawn to the background, the blacks, and negative space. There's a lotta great stuff to stare @ and admire here.

The study's payin' off well! The exponential growth astounds, sir.


Gelatomettista said...

Thanks meek?,
It's been a lot of fun...plan to do more work in this style in the future...will post something new soon!