Sunday, January 25, 2009



Here is another Mary Jane piece inspired by John Romita Sr.'s run on Spidey in the 60's, with a cartoonier take on M.J. Did I mention in older posts that I love the mans' work?!

I actually did this one for fun. I was gonna do a couple more and hopefully will be able to move them at NYCC. This is on 11x17 bristol and the medium is copic markers and india ink.

The scan is not the best, there's a lot of details and marker blends that got lost, so if anyone knows how to scan marker renderings, I am all ears!


Anonymous said...

what materials do you use? i love your work.

Carlos said...

This is excellent.
Love your homage to JRS.
I'll look for your table at NYCC.


meek? said...

lol @ Peter goin' cock-legged! XD This is hella hot!

Sorry, but I got nothin' on scanning marker renderings. I tried to bring out the type on PS, but to no avail. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Nice piece. Old school comes shining through out it.