Tuesday, December 02, 2008

If This Be Doomsday!


This piece takes place back in the days of the Surfer being the herald of Galactus. Having just helped kill an entire planet, the Surfer is taking a moment to reflect on the horrors of what he's done while his master is sucking the life from the world.

I had this lighting scheme pretty much in mind from the start, this sort of rainy blown-out overcast look. I also wanted to play around with the idea that just Galactus' presence alone might be enough to upset the natural order of a planet-hence the tidal waves destroying buildings at his feet, and the bizarre vertical lightning

And above are my initial rough thumbnail and pencil linework, done during a jam session at studiomate J.J. Kirby's pad! J was full of good suggestions for this painting, so he's getting a shout out here. Thanks, dude!



Jason Johnson said...

Nice shot, Livio!

meek? said...

Successful piece! Galactus looks threatening as he always should and I can sense the remorse and helplessness in the Surfer even moreso in the dark as intended.

The colors and the depth... whew. So good.


Richard Oh said...

Awesome colors man. Good stuff.