Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays!


Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with family and friends...I've been dabbling with ink and washes lately and wanted to share an image of my latest efforts. A friend of mine suggested I explore this a little more as a way of improving my drawing skills.

I've dabbled in this brush style previously with colored paper (I posted a Jonah Hex piece, as well as a Daredevil piece I've done in this style). I find that working this way forces me to focus on what is important in the drawing - creating a more three dimensional image, all the while using composition to lead the eye where you want.

It's been a lot of fun learning the tools and I can't help but feel its changing how I draw...mastering the tools and techniques, rather than forcing them to do what I want...that being said-I think my Solomon could use a little work...Happy Holidays guys!



Anonymous said...

Very nice one.

meek? said...

Nice indeed. Cheers to self-improvement!


Gelatomettista said...

Thanks, man
it's been a lot of fun learning this new's easier having a couple of efforts under your belt to get a sense of where you are taking it.