Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joel Hex


I'm a big fan of the Spaghetti Western...Fistfull of Dollars, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and Hang 'em High...there was always something so visceral about the characterization, the reluctant hero as it were- that made these people such over-the-top a kid,these characters were fascinating and scary to me at the same time...kind of unpredictable.

I have recently been enjoying the Jonah Hex stories Justin Grey, Jimmy Palmiotti,and Darwyn Cooke have been telling...visceral, exciting, and over the top. It reminds me of those Spaghetti Westerns, and how things aren't always so black and white, just as in life, people and situations can be unpredictable.



fjm said...

very cool joel! I love his face! he's looking like he borrowed Iron's gun though :D

Jim Lee said...

Looks the expression!


Gelatomettista said...

well, thank you kind's been a lot of fun experimenting on the tone paper as it forces you to think how lighting can effect the image; creating a nice pop effect if planned right...and its artsy!