Friday, October 03, 2008

Death Becomes Her...


Hello everyone, hope all is well in these crazy times. Here is a piece I did of Death, one of my favorite DC characters...(and a dream project of mine to do a mini series...hopefully someday. :)

I played around a little with her hair for composition and did this piece on an over-sized, heavy duty art board. It's done in ink wash and I just colored in her eyes with a prisma color pencil. It was done one night just for fun, I had the board laying around and just wanted to do a simple, uncomplicated piece.

Hope you like. :)


Geoffrey Long said...

Man, I miss reading new stories with the Endless. Thanks for this!

Super Edco said...

wow great eyes

Anonymous said...

Hi Oliver,

Wow, that's a really beautiful piece. Any chance you'd like to sell it? ;)

Josh :)