Thursday, October 02, 2008

Leap of Faith


Back when I was interning for a bit at Top Cow...I had met a security guard for our building by the name of Chaz Riggz. Chaz, as it turned out, was a huge comics fan and was going to school for Graphic Design at Long Beach State, he was also well aware of Top Cow and planned to apply when he finished school. We quickly became friends as our interests and our aspirations were very forward several years after Chaz and myself took the proverbial leap of faith into the crazy biz that is comics.

I'm currently a staff artist at WildStorm and Chaz is head of production and design at Top Cow. I had recently found out Chaz is engaged to be married...and it reminded me of how dreams and aspirations always require that one important ingredient...a leap of faith. So, Chaz, this piece is for you...and may it inspire those who have yet to take that 'leap.'


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Chadd Keim said...

Great piece. I'd love to know what paper stock you used for this? I love that brown paper bag look.