Friday, December 19, 2008

Special Batman Art Holiday Fundraiser


As my schedule permits, every now and then I try and help out with worthwhile causes whether it's the CBLDF or the Clearview School Fundraiser...this time I am doing something on a smaller scale but for as big and worthy of a cause. Something for a friend of a friend. Someone I have never had the honor of meeting but has a plight which moved me into action.

On November 12th, 2008, a friend of a friend, Portia Cano, passed away after battling bone cancer. Diagnosed back in 2003, she underwent dozens of major surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments before she fell to the disease, leaving behind her husband, Marco, and four children, ages one to ten. Unfortunately over the years their bills mounted, as her health insurance didn't cover all of the treatment.

So every year, Will and Amy, friends of Carla and me put on an informal fundraiser to benefit the Cano Family. This year, I am contributing this piece I drew specifically for the fundraiser. I am giving any art collectors looking for an one of a kind holiday gift to check it out here first. It measures 11x14 and is on 2 ply bristol board and is drawn in ink and whiteout.

Here's a link to the eBay auction.

Thanks for reading...


Anonymous said...

Woah, friggin awesome.

Hope it goes for a lot. (no doubt it will).

You love the "posing on a gargoyle" shots, eh Jim?

Anonymous said...


Is it possible to leave a donation for the Cano Family outside of purchasing the drawing? It's the least I can do for inspiring me to pursue my artistic talents years ago.


Luciano Acampora said...


Jim Lee said...

Yes Eli--I will pass your email along to Will...anything will help and be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Cool. Thank you.


Chris Chuckry said...

Very nice piece, and for a great cause too! It's very generous and compassionate of you to do this, especially at this time of year.

Kudos and Best Wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Man you´re the best. The Artwork is jawdropping, and its very insipring for me to know that you are doing this good with people.
I though you where just a kick-ass Comic Artist. But you are also a kick-ass hero!

Keep on with the good stuff. We all need you dude,look, i dont have much contacts, but i will do what i can to spread the news.

Alan Stain

meek? said...

Congrats to the winner!

$5,600! Worth every penny.

Best wishes to the Cano Family.


Michael said...

The way you're illustrating that Gargoyle.......hmmmm hit up Mignolia for a HellyBoy One Shot!!! Come can you resist the limited color pallet? It would be like the good ol' Uncanny and Punisher days. With Hellboy you could totally play around with the self inking and harsh highlights and it would fit perfectly.
Sill doing a good job on Bats.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to see someone that still has heart to do contributions or volunteer time to good causes like this.

Kudos to you Mr. Lee!

Amaidon said...

Reminds me deeply of the "Batman Hush 1" Cover, which I love.
A pity I didn't have 5600$ at hand...

Anonymous said...

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