Thursday, September 16, 2010

More 'Lil Peeps'


Hey y'all's, here are some more recent 'baby' drawings that I've done for fun (and for sale). ;)

They're fun and easy to do and keeps me busy when I'm burnt out on regular comic work.

I've gotten a great reaction and it's been a good way to sell lower-priced art to fans who can't afford the regular-priced stuff.

Anyhoo, hope you likes! ;)


TheGLCorps said...

They are great, I'd love to see more...particularly The Flash and Green Lantern.

Unknown said...

looks great! how big are they? and how much? :)

Gelatomettista said...

Flash and GL are in the works my friend;) I usually do them on for prices,u can check them out on my comicartfans page. thnx for the comments;)