Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brightest Day United


Hey all, just wanted to share the Brightest Day variant covers I recently worked on with Ryan Sook and Fernando Pasarin. It was a massive undertaking that exceeded my expectations!

In October, I will be attending this year's New York Comic Con along with several of the other artists here. I will be sharing an Artist's Alley table with the amazing Beth Sotelo (@midimew), as well as signing at the DC Booth.

I'm also excited to mention ICONS: The DC Comics and WildStorm Art of Jim Lee, in which I had the fortune of working with Jim Lee and Scott Williams on a Legion of Super-Heroes short story, a dream come true for me.

Lastly, I wanted to mention an interview I had recently done with DeWayne Feestra, for Randumb Idiocy. For those who ever wondered what I did here, or how I broke in, check it out.



Catie said...

That's just *beautiful*.

anthonycastrillo said...

Hi Guys,
Great work!!
Just thought Mr Lee would like to see this.
Contact me at

Gelatomettista said...

thanks, Catie.