Friday, July 09, 2010

Comic-Con's Coming!


Hey ya'lls, soooo, it's almost Comic-Con time again! Can't wait for all the hysteria and sensory overload! Also, looking forward to meeting new peeps and all you loyal and supportive fans;)

As the clock is ticking, us artists here at WildStorm are scrambling to get ready, usually right down to the wire. I just decided to do another brand new piece for this year's show too.

I picked on one of my faves, Death, a regular character that I love to draw, which has been spotlighted here on this blog on more than five or six occasions. I've included the quick pencils and the final image, minus text. Hope you like and see ya in a few weeks!

1 comment:

trejos-comics said...

Master LEE ... this work is fantastic...

que hermoso trabajo ... :)