Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brightest Day & Iron Saint


Hey all, just wanted to update everyone on some new stuff I have coming up. I just wrapped-up the huge undertaking of collaborating with Ryan Sook, and Fernando Passarin on 12 Brightest Day alternate covers, and man, is it exciting to see this coming together! I don't think I've collaborated on anything at this scale, and excitedly look forward to finally seeing the covers printed, which will span several of DC Comic's top titles, look for that beginning in August.

I will also be working on back-up stories for the four issue mini-series "Telara Chronicles," based on the PC game Rift: The Planes of Telara, available in September.

Lastly, before I started here at WildStorm, Francis Manapul and I worked on a mini-series originally printed by Aspen Comics called "Iron and the Maiden." Above, is an establishing shot from issue 2. It's one of the coolest, most over-the-top projects I got to collaborate on (thanks to Jason Rubin) and is now being collected by Top Cow Productions, available at SDCC 2010 with a new title: "Iron Saint!!"

Be sure to swing by the Top Cow booth, where creator Jason Rubin (Crash Bandicoot, and Jak & Daxter) will be signing copies on Friday & Saturday, be sure and tell 'em Joel sent ya!



raph said...

Iron and the Maiden was awesome. I'd love to see more of that series!

Gelatomettista said...

Yea, me too!

Thumpasaur said...

about how Long did it take to do that? Awsome detail. Im a detail junkie mysef.

Gelatomettista said...

I spent about four days on this piece, thanks for the kind words.