Friday, May 21, 2010

Earth Fringe


Another fun project that came through WildStorm recently were these alternate takes on famous DC covers. A lot of fans commission their favorite artist to recreate covers like this, but these appeared on last night's Fringe season finale thanks to chief creative officer Geoff Johns, writer/producer/director Akiva Goldsman, executive producer Jeff Pinker and WildStorm's general manager Hank Kanalz.

It doesn't get much more memorable than these covers and on a show that's highlighted details like NBA star, Len Bias still being alive or "The Obamas set to move into new White House" on newspaper headlines, it's a cool peek at life Over There.

Yesterday's birthday boy, Carlos D'Anda drew the Justice League #1 cover and, with the help of JJ Kirby and Michael Lopez, finished the Crisis on Infinite Earths #7. Colors are by JJ Kirby and Carrie Strachan, respectively and our own Randy Mayor colored the Red Lantern/Red Arrow cover by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert. Larry Berry also created the Superman Returns and Death of Batman #75 covers with help from fellow art director, Ed Roeder.

You can read more from Geoff Johns and Hank Kanalz, plus see all of the covers in full-color on DC's The Source blog.

Gotta go now. I think I see an Observer nearby.

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