Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wizard World Chicago 2006


Finally back up to speed after coming back from this year's Wizard World Chicago. I don't think I've missed one since '98, so it's definitely a familiar show for me, but this was the first time I was gonna be set up in Artist's Alley selling sketchbooks. Besides the Gelatometti one, I also had sketchbooks by Ryan Benjamin, J. J. Kirby and Leinil Yu for sale too and they were consistent sellers throughout the con.

Thursday night, I saw this guy walking by with a crazy tattoo of the last page from Batman #619, so I had to get a pic. It's not everyday you get to see one Batman tattoo, let alone two on the same arm! Now, that's a die-hard fan!

The next morning, I took a little time walking around the show and picked up some cheap Captain Carrot comics for J. J. and some more Michael Golden comics for myself before sitting back down in Artist's Alley. Mark Brooks was on my right and Eric Canete, Dustin Nguyen, Joe Dodd and Francis Manapul were all to my left, so it was great to watch 'em all in action. It's definitely a little different being behind the table selling sketchbooks, instead of being a fan buying them, but it's always fun to meet people from the blog and talk about what's new at Wildstorm.

Saturday was definitely the busiest day of the con and after selling sketchbooks for a few hours, I headed up to the Sam Loeb Art Auction to check out all the action. By the time I got over there, it was standing room only with even more fans pouring out of the two side doors. I quickly ducked in and caught the end of Jim and Scott's Superman/Batman #26 double-page spread selling for a whopping $7,000.

Jeph Loeb was up at the podium auctioning off all the pieces himself, along with an energetic Erica Durance (Smallville's Lois Lane) in her only appearance at the con. Everyone really opened up their wallets for all the art too and as soon as the panel ended, half the audience rushed the podium with the hope of getting Erica to sign something or just snap a pic of her before she left the show.

Mark also invited Takeshi Miyazawa to share his table, so I got to watch him draw sketches non-stop for fans, including myself. It was the first time I'd ever met him, but Alé's been talking about Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane at the studio and I've read a couple of his issues on Runaways, too, so I picked up my one and only sketch at the con from him. He usually just draws characters he's already familiar with, but fortunately, I brought along some reference of DC's Man of Steel to add to my collection.

I also brought along Alé's commissions for some happy fans, but this piece was the only unclaimed one that came back home with me. If you're still out there, drop us another line and we'll try to get it out to you.

By the end of the con, I'd sold a bunch of sketchbooks, said my goodbyes and crammed all my new quarter comics into my bags. I bumped into some friends at the airport later and shared a quick dinner before leaving the Windy City for another year and heading back to sunny San Diego.

For fans who couldn't make it out to the show, please check back this weekend to find out how to get your own Gelatometti sketchbooks and thanks again to everyone at the show!


wasb4 said...

nice drawings eddy

wasb4 said...

do you like mine

go to

Tom said...

Awesome report. Must have been cool to be on the other side of the table for once.

Looking foward to that sketchbook info!

Masik said...

Did you get my art package into Ale's or Jim's hands? Just wondering and thanks for taking it back to Cali with you.


TAK said...


Thanks for the link, dude! It was a pleasure sittin' with ya this past weekend and thanks for all your help. I hope my sketching was somewhat entertaining during those dry moments on the floor. Oh, ya gotta send me your e-mail, too.

mic? said...

Props for comin' through w/ the sketchbooks, Eddy! It's the one thing I looked forward to the whole (tame) con.

I think Lollapalooza musta took out a lot o' potential attendants.

Also copped Leinel's sketchbook, which is great stuff, as well.

Yano was itchin' for a 'Metti sketchbook. Apparently, she's quite a celebrity. She must be the equivalent to Tila Tequila w/ fanboys and fangirls. lol...


SteveW said...

Thanks for the review I'll keep an eye out for the sketchbook !!

Neo said...

Hi Eddy
I "cannot" believe those Batman tattoos were "real"??? Were they stick on? If not the guy who tattoed those 100% Jim Lee cloones is a genius?
Anymore info about them would be very interesting.
Great Con review Eddy, let me know if you'd like to add to the free art you got, I can paint your portrait???

Yano said...

Yeah, I was there Saturday looking for the sketchbook but I couldn't find you...I passed by Mark a couple times and didn't see you. :(

...and Meek? I'm a celebrity? No, no, no, I'm not even in the league of Tila Tequila! I'm just a girl looking for s sketchbook. You're not that guy who said, "You're Yano from Gelatometti" at Peter's Wizard School, are you?

mic? said...

That guy was indeed my dorky butt. lol... good to see a fellow 'Metti head IRL. Never woulda known if that girl 2 tables in front of us hadn't geeked out aboutcha. lol! ;]

Hope you had fun!


Choisez said...

wasb4 - Your art's wild. Btw, I think you're safe from being sued.

tom - Thanks and that info's coming very soon.

masik - I personally handed it to Alé, so it's in good hands.

tak - Hope you have fun in Japan and your sketches were great. Especially, the mousey one!

meek? - Glad you're enjoying the sketchbooks!

neo - Yeah, those tattoos looked pretty real to me, so I don't think they were stick ons.

yano - Looking back on it, I should've left some with Mark or Dustin when I wasn't at the table, but hopefully you can pick one up when I post the info here.

Btw, Jim's next appearance is Toronto, Sept. 1-3, so mark your calendars!


sisconda said...

Thanks for coming up Eddy so I could get my Skye piece from Ale!


Masik said...


I appreciate it man, thanks again and I hope to hear from Ale.


Kepr said...

Quarter comics? What the hell is this world coming to? I'll tell ya, it's Wal-Mart mentality hell. No wonder the terrorists and exteremists are so rampant, as long as they can launder cash via Wal-Marts sweatshops in Pakistan the world will burn!!!!!!!!!! Pay friggin full price for your shit, specially when yer making big bucks anyway.

Unknown Worlds said...

Will you have sketch books for sale in Toronto?

Tom said...

I didn't miss any news on the sketchbook did I? Any ordering instructions yet?

DarkSuperman said...

A bit back, I tried to contact Jim Lee in reference to his stance on fans getting his art as tattoos, unfortunately, he was never able to reply. So now I open the question to the entire Gelatometti crew. How does everyone feel about fans getting their art as tattoos, would they ever do a piece if for someone if it meant having their work adapted to someone's skin? Ideas? Thoughts? Thanks for all the great art in advance.