Wednesday, August 23, 2006



"Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."
-Mark Twain

This November, Brian Azzarello and Carlos D'Anda bring Michael Cray back from the dead and into comic book stores again. It's been awhile since he's seen some action, but leave it to these two to put their stamp on him in today's current geo-political climate. And both creators share a little history with him too.

Previously, Azzarello wrote him in the three-part BATMAN/DEATHBLOW: AFTER THE FIRE and D'Anda's been itching to draw Cray again after a short story in 2004's WILSTORM WINTER SPECIAL. But consider both tales a warm-up to what they've got in store for WildStorm's favorite Navy SEAL.

D'Anda's inks are pictured above and you can also check out the final colors here. The idea on all the covers is to symbolically use Deathblow's trademark red lines to constantly remind him of who he's doomed to be too.


Chris Sims said...

I'm really looking forward to D'Anda's Deathblow. Wildstorm is taking over!!!!

SteveW said...

I'm expecting a lot from this !! it's a must read comic ,

SedatOezgen said...

Finally they got the big dude out the basement again :)
Deathblow, really is the coolest character Wildstorm has to offer (in my opinion), hes got so much potential. What I love about him is that he could be used for reallife stories, like him fighting in a Irak war scenario, fighting against Terrorists or just fighting crimnals. Im really excited to see what Brian and Carlos are going to do with Deathblow.
Id really love to illustrate a Deathblow story too one day in my life :D