Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bermejo - Skye Runner #3 variant


Check out Lee Bermejo's variant cover to Skye Runner #3!

After leaving Wildstorm studios, Bermejo's gone on to do a lot of cover jobs lately, so it's cool to see him doing something for the 'Storm again. His Glyph and the giant monster behind him look like they're right out of a movie too!

Inside, Skye meets her shining green knight in armor and the mystery of her niece and nephew deepens as she follows Omar the unicorn into more trouble.

This issue hits stores next Wednesday and Lee's cover is a 50/50 split with Alé's, so be on the lookout for them both. Jim is also doing a variant for this issue, so check back next week for a look at that one too.


Neo said...

Thats a great piece! Check the rendering on the monster's skin!? Was that done on the PC or by hand? awesome. Love the way Glyph is looking back at something and the Munster is checking him out on the sly :-)

John Learned said...

That's freaking sick. LB is going to be remembered as a god someday soon.

Chris Sims said...

I've never seen anyone handle a rendered drawing the way Bermejo does. He is an extremely talented individual.

nohoohboy said...

Wait so is there 2 variants for Skye Runner 3?

Anonymous said...

What neo said... is that texturing on the best done by hand or computer or did he actually go find the monster somewhere and photograph it?

Chuckeedee said...

hehehe ....nah, Lee is a sick sick individual who actually enjoys doing all those textures in pencil .... very talented, very damn patient ... I hate you Lee! (^_^)