Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Smiles Everyone


Hello again ya'lls. Here is a li'l piece that JJ Kirby and I jammed on. We started this at Wizard World L.A. and finished it last week.

I did Joker and he did Harley and we both did the backdrop. Been wanting to jam with him for awhile and we thought the two of them would be perfect for our styles and personalities.

More "jams" to come, hope u like:)


nova1128 said...

Great work to the both of you.
I like your [Oliver's] harsher angles surrounding Joker's face which makes him look extremely sinister.
And to Kirby, you did a great job on catching the youth and excitement in HQ.

Brandon O'Donnell said...

Man, that is weird, but really cool.

DC said...

Great work on the stuffed animals in the background =T.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful piece. I think there is a good contrast between your style and that of JJ. I think it all pulls together very well. Great work from the both of you.