Monday, April 28, 2008

"Emma Frost" The Remix


Hey yall's, hows it going? First of all, thanks to everyone who stopped by artist's alley in NY to say "Hi", chat, and of course spend money:) It was great to finally meet a bunch of fans who have gotten commissions from me throughout the year and put faces to the names.

Here is a piece I did for pick up at the NY show. They wanted my version of "Emma Frost" who happens to be my favorite X-character, so I was thrilled to do it. It ain't coincidence that she also resembles my favorite real life person....hmmmm? You figure it out. Hope you like:)


Brandon O'Donnell said...

Nice work, really like it.

Quick question for you or anyone else that might know: Is there any real problem with selling commissions that feature copyrighted characters (such as Emma Frost)? Obviously a lot of artists do - I even have in the past - but the more I read about it, the more it just seems like a recipe for legal trouble.

casperOne said...

Hmm, are you going to tell us who your favorite person this was modelled after is?

Jason Johnson said...

I know this one, all too easy! Madonna, of course! Yeah, I did my Nome research. Nice piece, dude.

RLS said...

Megan Fox!

Shawn Colloton said...

Awesome Bro. Seriously Madonna is perfect for the White Queen. Great likeness.