Saturday, April 26, 2008

New York, New York!


(From top to bottom) Jim Lee & Stan Lee, Oliver Nome & Grant Morrison, Joel Gomez & Gabriele Dell'Otto and Oliver Coipel & JJ Kirby.

Has it been a week since the show already? The show's all a big blur now, except for the photos of new friends, old friends and just good times all around.

The weather was great. The fans were great. And New York is about as different from San Diego as you could get, so it was a great change of pace too. After the show, we also took a tour around DC Comics thanks to Kevin Kiniry, DC's manager of licensing who was very generous with his time. Thanks again Kevin!

Back at the con, I don't think I saw half as much as I wanted to or caught up with everyone there, so I'm still reading all the online news from the show just like everyone else who couldn't make it there. Usually, I just stay on the con floor around Artist's Alley, so I rarely make it out to any of the newsworthy panels.

Well, I'm all out of words, but you can see more of my comic creator pics from the Big Apple here.

Can't wait to do it all again next year!


Lead-Base said...

CHICAGO!?!?!?! Will the Wildstorm crew be attending the CHICAGO con???

Nic Feutz
North Aurora, IL

PhilTanArt said...

Man, that's awesome Eddie, wish I was there XD But deadlines got me ....

Richard said...

Love the pic with Stan Lee and Jim.




Kong said...

Cool photos... the comic business has the richest pool of characters of any business out there!

Fabrizio said...

Ladies and gentlemen, the Lee Family!!! :D

Anyway, I'm still stunned by Morrison's many ties. :lol:

See ya, Eddy


RAUL TUMBA said...

stand lee and jim lee big picture !!!