Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2 Batmans

entry ricH

It's been a little while and I know a lot of the guys are traveling right now so I figured I'd pop in and say hello.

I can't even remember if I ever showed these here so I apologize if I did. I was hired a few months back....(or was it last year?) To do some re-envisioning on some of Jim's All-Star Batman stuff. They basically needed new versions with subtle changes to use on shirts or ads etc. It's part of DC licensing and they are interesting jobs when you get them.

I basically re-penciled these doing all the body type changes (they wanted a leaner Batman), switching of the Bat symbol, smoother less crazed face, basically whatever changes they felt the pieces needed (sometimes it's finishing a cropped drawing) for the product they are going to be using it on. After they are penciled you go through the approval process doing any last minute changes, and then I was green lit to ink them.

anyway here's the finished pieces. For anyone interested in collecting original art, the piece on the left is on e bay now:




Richard Oh said...

Beautiful pieces Rich! Really coming along.

Depechie said...

Wow ricH !
These Batman drawings are just stunning !

Brandon O'Donnell said...

That looks really good, man.

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

cool inks...nice use of balance in blacks

Richard said...

Thanks. It's definitely one of those things when you are hired to tinker with Jim's kind of step back and think to yourself....."man I better not screw this up."

Probably the pressure brings out the best in you anyway. Nothing easy is ever really pushing you towards better things.

I seem to have a knack of making things harder and harder for myself.


thanks again for the posts.



ccaprile said...

Hey Rich, nice to hear from you. This seems like a cool assignment. Did you run any of these by Jim to see what he thought? Do artists get territorial about other people tinkering with their work, or is it just kind of standard practice?

On another note, where have you been. I certainly miss your posts and would like to see more of what you have been doing. Are you hanging out other places on the net, or are you just super busy lately? Anyway thanks for the posts.


Richard said...

As far as I could tell Jim seemed to like them. I don't think Jim sees me as anything but a friend at this point so when I showed him what I was working on he just laughed and checked them out. I would guess far worse things have been done to Jim's art with things like this. So I don't feel like I totally aborted his work.


I haven't been online very much the last 2 or 3 months. I am really busy, I was sick for about 6weeks with the flu/ was a few things....taking a little break from online....getting my head together on what my artistic goals are.

My main haunt was deviant for the last year or so (posted in the links on the main page here)

I was doing so much work that was non comic...I didn't really want to bog this place down with my odd artwork interests etc.

I felt like also we had a new crew here at WS and I wanted them to play around here and create something new. If I kept posting it sort of put things in one perspective and I wanted to see what would evolve for them.

The original vibe was different you put me and Ale' anywhere together there's going to be some whacky stuff.



check out my deviant. There's no art there right now but I have something in the works...maybe join up and vote.



antonio said...

This is amazing!!!
Your anatomy work is taking other other level...damn!!
You are just amazing!!

Be good and have a great time!!

Congrats on the gig!!


Edwin Rosell said...

Sweet Batmans Rich!

PartyMarty said...

Awesome awesome skills. These look great. If I didn't have to put a new clutch in the Evo, I'd be bidding on these.

Fabrizio said...

Ehy Rich!

Great stuff as usual!

Greetings from Italy


Richard said...

thanks guys I really appreciate it.

I'll have some new art up very soon.....was just warming up the engines last night.

There's still a little time to vote on which piece I a going to draw next.....right now Steampunk Hellboy Batman is in the lead. I did a you make the call thing where people could vote on a triple gatefold piece I'd draw and do a step by step on. Instead of's pencils though..

here's a link: