Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Super Sweet!


Alé drew this sweet Supergirl sketch for Wildstorm fan, Carlos. You can check out more of his cool original art collection here.

And don't forget to mark your calendars for April 4th, when Alé's Supergirl #16 hits the stands too!

Happy New Comic Book Day!


meek? said...

Very nice!

Eddy: Any o' you WildStormers coming up for WonderCon in SF this weekend?


cnl1286 said...

you said there's a good place for Ja Jang Myun in San Diego. what's it called?

Fabrizio said...

She looks like my girlfriend's sister!

Anyway Ale is great with Supergirl.



WOOD said...

that is super sweet

SpMonky said...

this is a great headshot! nice job Ale

Winterbourne said...

I love Ale's treatment of Supergirl. She looks like a real teenager/young person in a way other treatments of her don't. Her face here has a great roundness that expresses vulnerability and sensitivity.

Awesome work, Ale!

Yano said...

Great work as always, Ale...she's a cutie!