Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nome - WonderCon '07


Hey y'alls, Oliver here...just wanted to let you know that I'll be at WonderCon with Ryan Benjamin, Alé Garza and JJ Kirby at table AA100 in Artist's Alley. My first con as a professional, holla!

I'll be doing commissions and selling my first sketchbook too. Here's a Joker piece I just did recently to warm up. Hope you like.


Matt said...

That is one of the best Jokers I have seen. The outfit is amazing, and the look in his eyes combined with his grin gives off a sly evil look. He may not look as insane as some of the others, but that doesn't mean he isn't.

meek? said...

Dopeness! Thanks for the WonderCon update, Oliver!!

That is one o' the illest Joker redesigns I've seen, hands down.

Stripes are hot, shoes look like he's about to klompendans on someone's neck, and the bow tie sets it all off. Reminds me o' the rayon shirts I rocked in back in '91. lol!


DC said...

This... is sick! The suit with the stripes, and the shadows. So clean! Love the facial expression too... DOPE!

Winterbourne said...

Fabulous chiaroscuro. I'd love to see that coloured!

Actually, that would make a great piece for a Gelatometti reader colouring contest. :D

Bobby said...

Any word on All Star Batman and Robin? Not trying to be snarky, I just wanna know. A lot of people are really upset about it on the dc boards. it's a shame because I still think it will be a good book. throw us a bone!

Luke said...

This pic is awesome. Ok, so why weren't you at NYCC. Missing out I am.
Oh, about ASB&R, the art of jim lee website, say 5/16/07. My guess, December 2008.

Fabrizio said...

Your warm-ups are like Ferrari's!

You're a young F1 of comics!

Great Joker



Chris Chavez said...

Thanks mucho for the Iron Man sketch this afternoon at Wondercon! I enjoyed having a chance to shoot the shit with you and JJ too. (My condolences on the location of your table though; your neighbor to JJ's left looked like a hardass... ;)

Steve said...

thanks to you and JJ for the awesome sketches, Oliver! And please check your myspace mail for some pics that I really hope can get to Jim.

He literally made my entire year this Saturday. I am still in shock.


Sebastien said...

cool, you can see that crime history in his face, i like it. and the pointy shoes too :)

Flashpass said...

Hey everyone,

Went to Wondercon and just wanted to say it was great seeing everyone!

JJ: Thanks for saving that last Alice print for my girlfriend, she loves it!

Ryan: If I haven't said it enough already, thanks for the Grifter commish!

Jim: It was great finally meeting you and chatting a bit in front of the Wondercon building when you first arrived. I missed you in artists alley... I waited in the DC area and then got cut off in line when I found out where you were haha. Also saw you sprinting out of the DC panel! Anyways amazing sketches as always, I'll see you in San Jose for the Supercon!

Nome: Nice Joker pic! Don't know how I missed you at the con.


Yano said...

Great Joker pic! I especially like the stripes...

MARY said...

AMAZING!He looks like he was a character of a fight game ^^