Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wizard World LA 2007


Thanks to everyone who stopped by Artist's Alley! It's always fun to match names to faces and while I was busy selling sketchbooks, the other guys were hard at work meeting fans, selling art and sketching one commission after another including these following pieces: Alé Garza's Wonder Girl, Ryan Benjamin's Spider-Man, Oliver Nome's Dani Moonstar colored by Christina Strain and Carlos D'Anda's Big Barda.

It wasn't all work though, as we all got to hang out with other friends and artists we haven't seen in awhile and of course, the fun nights out in LA! For me, going to cons was all about getting great sketches, but now it's more about hanging out with friends old and new and just seeing what's new.

I spent some time on Sunday sitting next to the uncanny Humberto Ramos, which was great and I also met Brett Booth for the first time on Saturday. I was also surrounded by Dustin Nguyen, Eric Canete, Whilce Portacio, J. Scott Campbell, Tim Sale, Josh Middleton and Mark Brooks and that was just in our little corner of Artist's Alley. Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes, was also walking around the show and his panel was a big hit of the show.

Anyway, that's three shows in a row for me after the New York Comic-Con and WonderCon, so it's back to work at WildStorm, which can feel like a con for me too sometimes.

And since JJ Kirby wasn't able to make it up to LA, he'll be flexing his sketching muscles again this Friday as he goes up against a new challenger in the Iron Gelatomettista ring. Find out who it is this Thursday as we announce the next battle!


N!C said...


nice pics guys!!

N!C says hello from Argentina


Fabrizio said...

Seems like another con just passed.

But maybe this time Ramos will update his blog!
And Ale Garza too!
All spider-webs around overthere!

Anyway, thanks for sharing eddy!



Raphael said...

very cool stuff. i really like ryan benjamin's spider-man, awesome.

Richard said...

Good hanging out. Funny Guy. Bulgogi...


hell yeah fab!

"mr.rockstar and "look at my nice award from LAST YEAR"!

really do need to be on the blogging ball

actually ale is better at it than humberto

for now

Edmund Lau said...

Ale Garza is improving all the time. His Wonder Girl is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Ryan did the Spider-Man for my daughter and when we finally saw the piece we were blown away.

Did a great job and blew the piece way out of the water.