Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gomez - Wizard World LA '07


Hey All, just wanted to let you guys know I will be at Wizard World Los Angeles this weekend in Artist's Alley along with the the rest of the WildStorm crew, including Adam Archer, Ryan Benjamin, Carlos D'Anda, Rich Friend, Alé Garza, Sandra Hope, JJ Kirby and Oliver Nome at 2001AB - 2004AB.

I'll actually be sharing a table with Gen13 penciller Talent Caldwell and Aspen colorist Beth Sotelo at 2112 AB and will also have pages from Iron and the Maiden as well as my forthcoming Wetworks issue pictured above.

Stop by to check out my latest work, pick up a sketchbook/comission, or just drop by to say "Hi".


Chrispy said...

Joel, WASSUP MAN! I dont know if you remember me or not, but my brother and i just met you in New York, and you took our samples to hand to some people at Aspen, either way we will both be in LA, and we will definitely be stopping by to say WASSUP MANG! Dope stuff too yo, PEACE!

Fabrizio said...

There are many many good reason to live in Italy. Food, pleces, weather.
The only one bad thing is that we're to far from your U.S. comicons.
I'll have to eat a lot of chocolate to overcome this sad thing! :-D

Enjoy the show, artists!



Joseph said...

This might be a little off topic but I always wonder. What scanner do you guys use? It seems to fit the entire comic paper and it catches all of the detail perfectly in this picture.

LauraBraga said...

Hi Joel!!!
Do You remember me? We met in Ny, at the Dinner Jim organized at Sunday evening. I was the Italian girl in front of you. The one that didn't speak english at all!!!!Eh-eh-eh!!!
All this, to say you Hi!!! And congrats for the comic page you posted... very beautiful!!!

Laura :)