Thursday, February 08, 2007

Garza - Supergirl


Hey guys, wanted to pop over here since i lost access to my blog, :(. Wanted to aim you guys towards a recent Supergirl interview interview i partook in at Newsarama.



Dances With Zombies said...


I loved your work on Batgirl (the reason I picked it up to start with) and Kara is my gav super chick!

Good luck with it all and I hope you're on board for a while!

Chrispy said...

Dope man, im glad to see you doing this one, i saw the Christmas special and was like "He needs to be doing this FORREAL" and here you go. I hope all goes well with it, CONGRATS!

Inkblotz said...

HEy Ale this is great interview. Big Congratz on the Super Girl Gig.

Now how do you loose access to your own blog?


Matthew Westerholm said...

big fan, ale. can't wait.

Arthur/Nurikane said...

Cool! I can't wait to avail a copy then.

SteveZegers said...

I'm really glad to see you on this book!

Fabrizio said...


Man, I'm excited, because your stuff on supergirl is the best I've seen coming out from your hand!
She's even much more expressive than Turner's one.
She's even better than the SkyeRunner #4 (signed by you)I received thanks to Eddy for the vote in the poll
(EHY, thanks for signing... :-)



Man, I know you're out of it because you're drawing the book you ever dreamed to do, BUT you still have that "Diego Armando Maradona " Pix in your blog!
C'mon, just put another!! :-D

Anyway, your Superchick rocks!

karalives said...

Have wanted Garza on Supergirl since his Batgirl days.. He is great.. don't like her bangs though.. Supergirl DOESN"T HAVE BANGS!!!