Friday, February 16, 2007

Iron Gelatomettista - Gomez's Ladytron!

Post a comment below to vote for Joel Gomez!


sketch1ne said...

without trying to sound like a dunce, why do some sections of your piece look crisp (such as the eyes/ eyebrows and hair) and others look rough (such as the outline on the gloves)? not knockin' it but if there was an effect you were going for and i missed it then yeah.... "throw me a bone" so to speak... i did like the little humor you threw in with this badass character with a "cute" t-shirt... good stuff

d'ho said...

i got your back joel!!!

Fochod said...

Another vote for the underdog. This one's cute, lol.

gemste said...

Vote for Gomez!

Requius said...

While Oliver's featured a festive
kinda Mardi Gras Ladytron,
I think Joel's captured more of the spirit of the character, so he gets
my vote.

I was inspired to do a quick sketch
of her myself. It's in my blog.