Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Contest Winner: Oliver Nome!

Congratulations to both our rookies for their first head-to-head Iron Gelatomettista battle and an extra high-five to Oliver Nome for winning!

And thanks to everyone who's been voting for these last couple challenges too!


meek? said...

*high-fives Oliver*

LOL! After seein' the voter turn-out for the rookie challenge, I'm now convinced that folks musta created false accounts to vote extra in the Benjamin vs. Garza battle.

I'm surrounded by frickin' Decepticons, mang. ;D


WOOD said...

The art of deception surrounds you dude!
Do people get to use light boxes in the competition?

Fabrizio said...

Yeah! Yeah!
False accounts! I'm sure!


But that's the funny thing, right?

Greetings to Oliver for this success!


danielpicci said...

congrats oliver!! good effort to both.....im sure it was fun

for somthing different i think it would be good to see an ametuer take on one of the pros! i know i wouldnt mind hehe

SedatOezgen said...

daniel, thats a nice idea ;) but i think there are just toooooo many hungry talents waiting for their chance.
all the best,

alegarza said...

i can guarantee you there were no false accounts. go back to the old challenges. jim and mike turner brought in over 200 votes i think. the voting is based on fan support, so the number of votes on ryan and i's, was no supreise to me.

Requius said...
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Edmund Lau said...

Way to go. :)

~ Edmund Lau

RM said...

Is Portacio next?

Panch' said...

dudes!... where's carlitos? please tell him that they want him in cd. juarez! some luchador is looking for him to beat his ass! hahaha, just kidding!... they want him + friends for a comic book signing and conference at his hometown! please pass this message to him! thanks!