Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A side note to my previous post


I just realized something, and wanted to clarify as to what this site is all about. It's been about two years that I wanted to do a series of artworks based off of my wife's inspiration. The photo's posted are some of the reference that I will be using, BUT, I just realized that without the art, the site comes off incomplete, or "misleading". I will be posting art on there, alongside many of the photos in the gallery section, and hopefully they'll look pretty cool, and I can't wait to get em up.

So for now the site may be coming down for some restructuring. However the messageboards will stay up.

Das all!


1 comment:

Neo said...

The kinky semi-naked shots of your missus we're just examples of the reference you use???
Yeh right :-)you old digital pimp :)
Laterz Nez