Monday, December 05, 2005

New forums for me :)

New forums fo rme :)
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Hey guys wanted to give a quick heads up. I have a new forum located over at my wife's site, silly I know, but come by and check it out. There's a forum for comics discussion, and all kinds of other crap. I know I should have my own site, but I just don't want to have to do updates, lol! So for now I'll be squatting over there.




RichardFriend said...

wow that scan is really dark Ale'

I'll see if I can get a better one for here online....I know it's probably a scan off that one photo copier at work(which shots really muddy)......we'll get a better one for our friends here soon~!.

maybe off the original!!!!!



Neo said...

Am I the only one who's visited Ale's wife's website and wondered...what the hell's this all about???
Come on Ale, what's that site about???

john said...

I checked it out, and all i can say is Ale is one lucky guy. LOL

carlamichelle said...

I have no idea either, lol. I am just killing time between changing diapers

BringerOfStorms said...

Carla's site = wow = beautiful, congrats to her on the site!