Monday, December 05, 2005

Ale Garza...The Matador

Alé Garza...The Matador
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In a bold move I've decided I may try my hand as a world famous bull fighter. It's always been a secret dream of mine to stare the beast in the eye, and I figure there's no better time than now! I've been practicing weekly, using both Rich and Carlos as my bulls. Only once has Carlos got me with one of his horns, he's quite wooley! It's a bold career move, but you only live once! Beware bulls, there's a new matador in town, and he goes by the name of Alé!



bat2supe said...

Nice hat, Ale.
Just hope the pant isn't too tight. He He.

Tomorrow's the Iron Chief Battle, Jim & Michael will be tough bulls to fight.
Do you know what part of the bull the bull fighter is the only one to eat.
I let you guess.It rhymes with bull. He, He, He.
I've heard it's full of vitamines.

Batgirls--itch said...
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Batgirls--itch said...

Yea, I always wanted to do that too, ever since Madonna's "Take a Bow" video.

Check out her latest "Hung Up". Now all I need is an old school Beat Box, Yo!

THEdave said...

That sleeve your left arms in will come in handy doubling as a sling for a broken arm trampled by a bull.