Thursday, December 08, 2005


A little background info for those of you who may be unfamiliar with today's special guest of honor! Michael Turner began his career at Top Cow studios, co-creating the smash hit series, Witchblade. Doing an extensive run on the book he established himself as one of comicdom's brightest young stars! It was then that he went on to create yet another chart topper, his own series, Fathom! A book that would bring him the success to eventually enable him to start his own studio and company, Aspen!

Soon thereafter Mike took his first crack at mainstream comics and knocked it out of the park! Working on the hugely popular, Superman and Batman comic he and Jeph Loeb, brought back the much beloved Supergirl, and asserted himself as one of the most powerful draws in the comic book industry! He currently publishes his own titles under the Aspen banner, Soulfire, Ekos, and Fathom, and is preparing for what will be a huge event, working at Marvel Comics!

So prepare yourself kiddies, today's challenger is no slouch, and you can bet your bottom dollar that today's battle will be one of the all time greats!!! NUFF SAID!

For some up close looks at some of Mike's art click below:





DADICUS said...

Well for the auction side of rasing money this is a wonderfull Idea!

but who thought that this would be competitive,........I wish it would have been -Kerschl vs Lee.

Mary E. Brickthrower said...

I haven't visited you guys and so long and I miss 2 of my CCC boys in a battle of the ages!!! Hi Jim and Ale--hope your holidaze went well!!!
~mary e. brickthrower (still alive and kickin)
+++++++++end of transmission+++++++