Wednesday, December 21, 2005

happy holidaze, and a cbldf update!!!


Wow! People came out and bid our Aspen, Wildstorm, art battle pieces through the roof!!! We managed to raise an astonishing $4732.58!!! Once again it was a blast and all of us here at Wildstorm would like to once again thank Aspen for participating! It was all for a good cause, and those guys were amazing competitors!

Also I would like to say Happy Holidaze to all of you! I'll be heading out of town so I won't be posting for awhile but I leave you all with the above piece. It also will be auctioned off by the CBLDF, as Jim and I did it during the sketch duel in Chicago this past year. Voodoo, and Zealot for you guys! There's alot of big Wildstorm goodness just around the corner coming next year! For all you die hard fans, I just know it'll make you all very happy! So, till next time, I wish you all a special (insert holiday of choice) to all of you!!!

" you got the look " WOOT!WOOT!


RightOnTarget said...

Wow. That'll raise some money now, won't it. Haha. Nicely done. ~M.

Kateness said...

Something about Voodoo's pose (plus the shading too, maybe) kinda reminds me of the look of the figures in Loomis' "Figure Drawing For All It's Worth."

bat2supe said...

Happy holidaze!!!

Christopher said...

Jim lee is crazy.."how do you do it!!?",and yet never get tired,or weary of continously,i truly hope one day i can aspire to such awsomeness such as you!

Tyler Wilken said...

A most wonderful of hollidays to you Ale.


Yano said...

Awesome that the Iron Chef battles raised so much money. There were definitely some great pieces created, so I'm not surprised it raised as much as it did.

Happy Holidays to all of you guys...thanks for such an entertaining year!

Neo said...

That is top class totty on that pic! I'm feeling randy now,...wife watch out :-)

Jon Tsuei said...

Happy Holidays to the whole metti crew and to all the readers. Looking forward to all the great Wildstorm titles set to hit in '06!

UrbanBarbarian said...

Superhero chicks sure do a lot more naked lying around than Superhero guys... Thank goodness! ;)


Jack Smith said...

i like this new nude theme of pinups

epic said...

Hey, Ade, what do ya'll use for the gray-tone shading?

fotiboss said...

Happy happy holidays to all!

V for Victor said...

Hey Ale,

Stuff looks great.

Me and DADICUS had a Iron Chef battle of our own. Maybe you and some of your compatriots could take a peek and let us know what you think.

Check it out at

Thanks dood. See you at Long Beach Con?


Renato Ítalo said...

Muito massa esses desenhos!!! Parabéns!!