Friday, November 05, 2010

So Cal Comic Con this Saturday!

(entry Rich~)

Hello....Hey just wanted to let everyone know there is a new comic convention this weekend (Saturday only) in Oceanside California; and a bunch of us from Wildstorm are going to be attending! A great list of people is forming including....Bob Layton, Whilce Portacio, a big chunk of the Wildstorm crew: myself (Richard Friend), Joel Gomez, JJ Kirby, Michael Lopez, Eddie Nunez, Livio Ramondelli, Eddy Choi, and I believe some Top Cow and Aspen people will be there as well.

Kids are FREE, and adults are $3.00...(free with a flier from your local comic shop)

first 100 people through the door will get a free gift bag

Original art, comics, prints, trades of all sorts, commissions, should be a BLAST!

here's the address:

Oceanside Boys & Girls Club 401 Country Club Lane Oceanside, CA 92054

Saturday NOVEMBER 6th: 10 am to 5 pm



Michael Dooney said...

Your comment that a bunch of you from Wildstorm were going made me curious about the status of the physical Wildstorm studio after the DC announcement of Wildstorms demise. Is the studio continuing even if the imprint isn't?

Blasterkid said...

great question....I think collectively stuff is still being worked on and we can't comment....I am sure as the new year progresses more stuff will become public knowledge and we can talk about everything.

right now most of us are still working away....for me I just finished Madame Xanadu, I am starting Batwoman and a huge World of Warcraft graphic novel...I am doing a fill in on Fables...Supergirl covers.

you get the idea....still very busy working so I don't see that changing much/

thanks for the question.


arnie said...

awesome i just found out about this, ten minutes ago...