Friday, January 08, 2010

Green Lantern #50 Variant Cover!


Colors and inks of the Green Lantern 50 variant cover by the amazing Alex Sinclair and the incomparable Scott Williams, respectively.

Pencils of Green Lantern 50 cover, shot with my Canon S90 in a snow covered cabin, emailed via usb wireless modem.

So for this cover I did I drew 3 diff layouts and do work on all 3 simultaneously-switching from 1 to another-unsure which I like best.

Here's the 2 I didn't go with. Was pretty sure I was going with A for most of the nite then tried a Frazetta inspired shot then ultimately w/ C.

GL 50 cover A. The rest of the Lanterns were gonna be behind Hal.

All the Lanterns powering up.


Unknown said...

Lee does it again ladies and gentleman! Can he be stopped!?

Easy peoples!

Brett Wood said...


Scoop de Doop said...


danielpicciotto said...

damn jim. you almost make me happy and upset at the same time haha (happy coz i love the pic, unhappy coz i realise how far i have to go to reach your status! ;p)

love wiliams and sinclairs work as well!!

because you might be interested, and i know wildstorm just released the book, feel free to check out my pic of GHOST! (COD:MW2) :)

Lee Townsend said...

Very nice work Jim! great to see the layouts as well, and fantastic job by Scott and Alex.

Pimpf said...

wow my fave DC character drawn by Jim Lee and the result is awesome, seeing all this energy coming out of the battery surrounding Hal with all the new colour lanterns present in the story it really kicks ass !

EricCallen said...

Thanx for posting this up, Jim!!

It's very dynamic and... well, awesome!!

Any word on when we're going to see the end of your Batman and Robin?

Maybe it'll be released as a hardcover?

EricCallen said...

Actually, I think I'd rather see the Wildcats story finished and see THAT as a hardcover.

Ever since that Punisher/Nick Fury HC was never finished, I've been DYING to see an original HC by you!!

Tofucubed said...

I like the new approach on showing your progression. And good choice in hiding his junk.

Ryan van der Draaij said...

Amazing as usual! Love seeing the progress. Been a fan of yours since "Uncanny X-Men: Xtinction Agenda".

Anonymous said...

I got into comics through Jim Lee's style. His Punisher and Uncanny X-Men were the wood for the art-fire which was burning inside me.

Now I'm working as an artist myself and whiel working on cool game related art I still feel the need to do comics... and that's why I started my creator-owned comic Maya over at

Your comic art is awesome! Thx Jim for all the inspiration and motivation!

Best wishes,


Jdarko said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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