Friday, April 18, 2008

NYCC Schedule


Here is my schedule. Hope to see some of you there:

Friday, April 18: Panel: Comic Artists talk about drawing 6pm-7pm, 1E16. Signing, DC booth, 7:00pm to 8pm

Saturday, April 19: Signing, DC booth, 1:30pm to 3pm
WildStorm Panel, 6pm to 7pm Room 1E07

Sunday, April 20: Signing, DC booth, 12:30 pm to 2pm

Otherwise you can find me wandering about or in my artist alley space M12-M18. Studio quarterback Eddy Choi will be there along with artists, JJ Kirby, Oliver Nome and Joel Gomez drawing commissions and selling sketchbooks.


G said...

22 innings and you LOST?! Ouch!

MadPowerBomber said...

So. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. What are the chances of seeing some WildStorm guys drawing some Mortal Kombat characters? :B

Wide eyed walker said...

DAng i wanted to go to Nycc, if only to meet jim and get a sketch from, i wanted a sketch real bad. Maybe next year i guess.

K.C'arl said...

Hey guys,.. man I wish I had more time and was able to find you guys at the CON!! I was filming two films that weekend and was only able to make it for a short while. I did bump into Eddie though, and that cool cat gave me a sketchbook with some of your signage on it! Thanks Eddie! He asked me if I was on the blog, and well, I never posted, but here I am! I'm sorry I missed you guys!

Oliver, I've talked with you before on myspace I think, anyhow,.. your pages in New Dynamix look awesome! Great job, can't wait to see more!!

Lookin forward to World's End!

Anonymous said...

i was there and i saw you jim. i attended your panel and when you walked in, everybody clapped. lol.

i didn't know Stan lee was your dad. lol. (inside joke for all others reading this)

i didn't get to talk to you cause i was too shy, but at least i got to see ya.

garrett678 said...


I was there at NYC comiccon on Saturday and had some stuff ready for you to sign. But I never realize that in order to meet you, you needed "tickets/wristbands", distributed first thing in the morning that day. This was my first comic con and the ONLY reason I went was to meet you and have you sign my comic. It was frustrating to see you there and not being able to meet you in person. Maybe next time.