Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Iron Gelatomettista Final Voting!

Wow, the battle between Ryan Benjamin and Alé Garza is a close one! Right now, it's tied 46-to-46, so we'll keep the polls open a little longer until 12:00pm PST tomorrow for the final showdown!

Vote now, if you haven't already and tell your friends to vote, if you already have. Who's it gonna be? Ryan's Michelangelo or Alé's Raphael? Check back tomorrow and see!


Brett Wood said...

I was no. 47!
These guys ROCK!!!

Salix said...

If it's a tie, will you both do something humiliating??

jrsorrell said...

I have no idea how this is even close. Mikey all the way! Maybe some of the voters feel bad for Ale? He does need to win one of these.

Nicholas Gentile said...

Ale for sure!