Monday, September 05, 2005

Skye Runner Exclusives! Sinsha!

Keeping with the theme of spotlighting our new heroes, I give you...

SINSHA…is a young girl from a band of Wypsies, gypsy-like witches known for being especially devious. They typically relied more on illusions and trickery than real magic. Sinsha was blessed/cursed from birth with the unique gift of prophecy. Her band once tricked one of the nine Wizards, trapping him and draining him of his remaining magic. Sinsha couldn’t stand to watch the Wizard torturously drained of life, and rescued him to let him die in peace. In return, the grateful Wizard gave her his most precious gift as he died, a ring of power given to him by a mysterious God called Kura. The ring gave Sinsha the ability to manipulate nature, controlling to a degree the various forces of Earth. She followed the Wizard’s dying wish to use the ring to protect the natural environment and the world’s weaker creatures, but was trapped herself, and remains the prisoner of greedy humans using her powers for their own personal gain.

Ale's notes: I remember sitting down and coming up with this character thinking I really wanted to do a character that was just adorable. I told Allen, and he agreed! We needed a character like that for the book. Especially to offset the darker looks of our male heroes. We needed a light. Someone who seemed for all intents, and purposes, pure. I think we hit it with our little raven haired beauty, and I'm sure she will have her own fanbase amongst all of you in no time at all!




missleman said...

looks cool - but wypsies made me laugh... cool concept but reconsider the name wypsies.

EJ Morges said...

Do I see Ninja Turtles?

Neo said...

Hi Ale
Those pages look great! You're really good at the worms eye view shot in your panels Now all you need is a decent haircut :-0 lol
Can't wait to see more
ps wypsies does sound a bit dominatrix, sado masakistic etc :-) ooh matron

Tyler Wilken said...

Baah! When is this comming out again? Cause I want it soon.


Inkblotz said...

Wow Ale this looks great. With each image you post I get more enthused about this book.

Although I am not sure that those eyes look so innocent and pure O.o


Gabe_Eltaeb said...

Looks cool. I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff.

Unknown said...

Cool art, Dude!

Does this take place in the WSU? Thatt would be so rad!

Anyway, your blog rocks! I bave a blog about Superman called the New Kryptonian Cybernet at if y'all wanna check it out.